To Forgive is to Release Judgment

Releasing judgment allows you to love yourself fully. Shame falls away, guilt becomes compassion. Your heart opens.

This is a liberating experience…give it a try! Think of three things you’re willing to forgive yourself for. Click on the “RELEASE” tab above, fill out the form and submit.

Your submission will be included in a book that will inspire countless others to follow your courageous decision to release judgment against yourself. Bravo! We love you!

2 Responses to “To Forgive is to Release Judgment”

  • I forgive myself for feeling guilty about my younger brother’s drug addiction – I never could have helped him get better. He passed away on Good Friday, 2009.

    I forgive myself for not being there when James, our son, was young. I thought working 10 hours a day was the best for the family. It wasn’t.

    I forgive myself for spending a lot of money to publish a book four years ago. It did sell in 21 countries, and I got to give talks in 3 – and that is definitely good enough! I hope and pray that this time, I get the right agent and publisher for my second book, to assure much better international sales, and to help provide funds for water projects in Ethiopia and Gaza. A journey of faith……

  • admin:

    Thank you for sharing your release with us, Annette! We appreciate your courage. If you would like it to be included in our book, however, you will need to fill out a release form. Simply click the “release” tab on our website and copy and paste your submission. Love and Light to you!

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