The Illusion of Confusion

“Live your truth, losses be damned. Just like that, your heart and soul will return home.” ~Martha Beck

Have you ever floundered in confusion for days on end? Have you said “I don’t know, I’m confused” just to evade accountability, or to let your knees buckle when you feel you aren’t in control of a situation?

We’ve all said this at some point in our lives. But let me tell you something: whether it’s about your job, your marriage, your beliefs or anything else, confusion is the mother of all illusions. Wouldn’t it be lovely to ditch the drama you choose when you say you’re “confused”? Prepare to watch it unravel before your very eyes.

Each of us has an internal guidance system that communicates with us all the time. When your intuition divulges something you don’t particularly like, the ego steps in and complicates things. You begin to resist what is, deny what is, argue about what is, cry about what is, and try in vain to make excuses for what is. You fear loss, suffering, making mistakes, disappointing someone or disappointing yourself. Then, you say you’re confused. But is that really true? Could it be that you just don’t like the truth because it seems, on the surface, to be out of alignment with your agenda?

Once you decide to live your truth, you will no longer be a victim. The truth empowers you, even when you perceive loss. Living your truth means that you speak up when you feel like something isn’t quite right. It means that you have a moral, ethical and spiritual code that you have both the discipline and the desire to live by. It means that you are accountable for the results in your life, but that you do not judge yourself for them. You give yourself hearty helpings of love and compassion and plenty of room to evolve. Sure, it takes courage to make this kind of mental shift, and it can be scary at first. But let me assure you, the release you feel while living your truth is worth the agony of the first step. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get off your knees? You can do it. Drop the illusion of confusion and live your truth…losses be damned.

Wishing You Clarity and Courage,

Kimberly Trapp

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