Are you waiting, wishing, pining…for someone to forgive you? Are you spending your days and nights in misery, thinking to yourself, “If he/she forgives me, then I would be ok!” or “If he/she forgives me, I would finally have closure. Then I could move on with my life.” Or even better, “I can’t believe he/she won’t forgive me. He/she isn’t perfect!”. YIKES! Do you see what I see?

This is a game of blame and guilt, and just for fun, it is cloaked in shame. In this game, no one wins and it’s everyone’s fault. Everyone, that is, but you. I mean, you said “I’m sorry” after all…what does he/she expect?!

Forgiveness, accountability, and love for that matter, are nowhere to be found in this vicious cycle. To forgive is to release judgment. Accountability means that you are responsible for your own well-being and for your thoughts, words and actions. Love is acceptance, allowing and release. If you really want to cleanse your emotional palate, then you have to get real with yourself. Ask yourself if you did the best you could. Ask yourself if you learned from the experience. And finally, ask yourself if you really intended to hurt anyone.

Have compassion for yourself without expecting to receive it from anyone else. If you are able to release judgment against yourself, then you will be able to forgive others. You will not expect them to follow suit. You will realize that only he/she has the power to decide whether or not to forgive you. You will no longer be playing a game where no one wins. You will be set free, and your light will shine on the rest of the world to facilitate healing in others. We are all connected and intricately interwoven on the life board. And that’s where you really are. The game board is just an illusion; a torture device with a seductive face. And it gets you nowhere fast. On the life board, we are all learning from, laughing and crying with, helping and loving one another. And with every breath you take, your position on the life board matters.

Take control of your life and choose your position wisely. Stop imposing the responsibility of your well-being on others. If you are seeking redemption, absolve yourself of the guilt you’re choosing to carry around. It is YOUR responsibility to forgive yourself. And if others forgive you along the way? That’s their decision, and it has nothing to do with you. You must realize the value of your position on the life board. And if you’ve fallen to your knees, look to the boundless, crystal-blue sky and know that if you’re willing to release, you will stand again. You will expand, and you will shine again. Grace and love will enter your heart. You will be happy…again.

Release, Heal and Share with Us. It’s your choice. It’s your journey.

Now, walk the talk! Name three things you’re willing to forgive yourself for. Click the RELEASE tab, fill out the form, allow yourself to HEAL, and SHARE your journey with us.

*You may remain anonymous if you wish*


Willingness, Courage and Light,

Kimberly Trapp

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