People Around the World Are Forgiving Themselves! Maybe You Should Too.

My Three Things (dot) Org is asking people around the world to name three things they’re willing to forgive themselves for. The response we’ve received so far is overwhelming. We all need an outlet; a place where we feel safe enough to let go of guilt and shame. We are honored that so many people have decided to share their stories with us. Submissions will be included in a book about forgiveness and releasing judgment. Would you like to know what people are forgiving themselves for? Are you ready to be inspired by these brave souls so that you, too, will have the courage to set yourself free? Read a few of the submissions we’ve received from people like you around the world by clicking on the HEAL tab on our home page. They are bound to touch your heart.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about what we’re doing and why. EXTRA special thanks to those who are willing to answer the question: “What are YOUR three things?” To participate in this project, click on the RELEASE tab above and fill out a release form. Then, submit! It’s that simple. Releasing judgment against yourself is a crucial step toward healing guilt and shame. I believe you deserve the peace that follows release.

By the way, did you know you have the option to submit your three things anonymously? Well, now you do…so go for it!

Wishing you Freedom and Lightness of Being, Always!

Kimberly Trapp

One Response to “People Around the World Are Forgiving Themselves! Maybe You Should Too.”

  • Sarfraz Hussain Naqvi:

    It requires a very strong mind and truly healthy body to forgive your self and still more strength to forgive others.
    Forgiving is DIVINE and by forgiving we associate ourselves with DIVINITY.
    I intend forgiving myself ALL that I could not do to help other humans and for that I take the first step today.

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