Caution vs. Curiosity

Here’s a trusty “My Three Things” health-check question for you: Is your heart open or closed? I’m not talking atherosclerosis here. Spiritually and emotionally, are you open and willing to receive or are you closed, cluttered and constricted? How do you know the difference? Pay attention to your emotions. When it comes to life, living and loving, do you have a tendency to feel cautious or curious?

When you feel cautious, your heart is closed. You tend to view everything, everyone and even your self with a degree of discernment that darkens even the most promising situations. You ask yourself questions like “What if this or that happens?” and say things like “I don’t know about this” and “I think I’ll stick with what I know.” You impose limits on what you can and cannot experience in this lifetime. You play it safe by judging anything and everything around you based on your past. Therefore, life is nothing more than the stale repetition of outworn patterns that were learned long ago. There is no room for anything fresh or new. Life is boring, painful and banal.

When you feel curious, your heart is open. You refrain from judging anyone or anything that comes into your experience. You include rather than exclude. You ask questions with a smile on your face rather than a pessimistic smirk. You are intrigued by different perspectives, tastes and preferences. You embrace all of life and welcome new people, places and things into your world with fervor, fascination and passion.

When you release judgment, your heart opens and light comes in to loosen the bulky chains of conditioned malaise. You begin to trust life. Your heavy, cautious nature transforms into giddy curiosity. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? You have the power to choose this way of life for yourself.  Live and love with your heart wide open. Amazing adventures, new friends and laughter are all waiting for you!

Open-Hearted and Loving You,

Kimberly Trapp

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