Shame and guilt have a profound effect on all of our lives. These painful and destructive emotions thrive in the endless stream of things we hold against ourselves. They show up in our memories, thoughts, behaviors, opinions, beliefs, values, relationships…the list goes on and on. Communication alone has the power to bring awareness, understanding and healing into our lives. Why, then, do we choose to suffer in silence?

We worry we will be abandoned or unloved if people found out who we “really” are. We worry about possible social consequences if we admit the things we have done. We worry what our parents, friends, children, siblings, lovers and bosses will think of us. So we only reveal what we like about ourselves; what we believe others will approve of. We adorn social masks to disguise ourselves, harboring a sad, thin hope that we might please others enough to win their love and respect. All at the expense of living an authentic life.

My Three Things is offering an opportunity to release, heal and share your story. It’s time to unveil, breathe, and break the silence. Open your heart with courage and sincerity. Reveal yourself, all of yourself, and set yourself free!

Here’s how it’s done: Think of three specific things you are willing to forgive yourself for. Once you have three things in mind, simply fill out a release form and submit. You have the option to remain anonymous.

Click here to release.

Submissions are being collected for a book and a documentary.
Audio and video submissions are welcomed.

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